Islington Art and Around is an innovative art project designed for adults with a special focus on those who are isolated; lonely; underprivileged; or disabled. Our project provides enriching experiences such as day trips to museums, theatres, and other art destinations as well art practice sessions where the community have the opportunity to work with local artists and learn new skills. We bring art to the community, by doing so we encourage people to get involved in their own local art scene. Our lives matter, what we have to say also matters.
We want to make a significant positive impact on the community; Enriching mental stimulation, Reducing loneliness and isolation, Increasing the opportunity to befriend and network, improving our self esteem and wellbeing.
Ultimately we want to create a net of connections between individuals in the community, trough art practice, connecting artists with their neighbourhood and allowing people to access art in a fun and transformative way. 
 - upcoming Free activity -  
“Bloom,” a vibrant art exhibition featuring a stunning collection of hand-made prints by the talented Girdlestone Art Group, a community group of enthusiastic artists based Archway.

Join us at the Gallery at the Playroom as we celebrate creativity, community, and the blossoming of artistic expression. Each print tells a unique story, capturing the essence of life’s beauty

📅 Opening Date: Tuesday 28th June
📍 Location: Gallery at the Playroom 
99 Junction Road
N19 5QX
Unravel - Free Exhibition tour
 - upcoming Free activity -  
Friday 12th  April  2024, Meeting point:  Magdala Ave, London N19 5NF - by Whittington Hospital 9.45 am
Remixed - collage workshop 
 - upcoming workshop -  
27th  March  2024, at Hargrave Hall community Centre, N195SP
The Art Laboratory 
weekly art workshop -  free - adults over 55
 Every Friday 2-3.30 pm Hargrave Hall Community Centre
 Hargrave Rd, Archway, London N19 5SP​​​​​​​
The Art Lab is an initiative designed to promote creativity, community engagement and personal development among adults over 55. Inspired by the tradition of community craft activities such as knitting circles, the Art Lab provides a space for individuals to pursue their artistic endeavours, connect with others and explore their creative potential. Located within a community centre, the Art Lab provides a dedicated time and space for people to engage in their own artistic projects.  Every Month we will suggest a theme and will provide inspirational material to create around that theme.
This month is... Myth and Fancy! Come over and explore drawing and colouring !
the art of reflection 
Celebrating the Day of Remembrance 2024
 - Exhibition and workshop with Girdlestone Community Groups -  
3rd March, 11-2pm at Girdlestone Community Centre
 - upcoming workshop -  
 13th Dec 2023
Local Mural artist and illustrator Cristina Guitian aka Cristina Reyes is our new collaborator. Islington Art and Around aims to engage local artists with their community.
Cristina is running a workshop to celebrate the end of the year, it will help us to project our wishes and personal commitments and aims for the new year, transforming this ideas and concepts into drawings.
The workshop will take place in Girdlestone Community Centre, on Wednesday 13th of Dec, 11am- 13.00pm
This is a drop in workshop, so theres no need for you to book in advance! All materials are included.
Artist Cristina Reyes, by her mural for White Cross Street Party 2022
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